About us

WILDe was founded in February 2015 as the first international Theatre group at the Erasmus University Rotterdam by Marta Manfredi, Marta Lovato and Francesca Aliverti with Mariann Éder and Máté Bányi as co-founders. After its foundation, WILDe came to live thanks to all the people who decided to take part in this starting project as organizers, writers, and actors. The work carried out by the first WILDe members, “An Ideal Husband” by Oscar Wilde,  was presented to the public only 3 months after the association's creation on 23rd of June 2015.

By bringing together students of all nationalities with a passion for theatre, we want to connect enthusiastic people whilst also promoting international art and culture around the University. Together, students use their international experiences, educational background and passions to create, organise, and perform valuable theatre pieces and other projects each year.

WILDe is exemplary to the internationalization on campus in bringing people together and promote intercultural dialogue.