Short films

-"an original motion picture that has a running time of 40 minutes or less, including all credits." (by Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences)

Paycheck: the first short film

Last year, Dominik Scherrer, Rachael Fernweh and Edwin Gelebart (our actors and writers) worked with Dzhem Chavush on our very first short film collaboration "Paycheck". Check it out! 

"I remember the day when I joined the annual meeting of the theatre group and I presented this idea. It was positively overwhelmed by the number of people who were interested to be part of it. We went through different ideas for the story while drafting different characters. That happened a long time ago and since then we created the characters, wrote the script, shot the scenes and edited everything. It was a fun and valuable experience for me and for the actors. I learned to solve problems I didn't know existed as a director and editor. The actors gained the experince of acting a short film and had a chance to see how different it was compared to acting in theatre. We had a lot of fun!"

- Dzhem Chavaush

"I was part of the organizational side of the organization when Dzhem came to us with its project. People from the board all were enthusiastic about it, and we launched it one month later. Personally, helping Dzhem acquire the needed resources to do the short film was amazing. I was a sort of ‘producer’, and I loved it. Acting in it was also fun! It was I think a ‘first time’ for everyone, so it was really exciting. The atmosphere was amazing, and it somehow created a bond with my fellow actors, which helped me to act with them, and really enjoy what we were doing."

- Edwin Gelebart