These are the origins of WILDe. Even though other projects  have been undertaken since the foundation of WILDe, theatre remains the core of WILDe.

Past Plays

June 2017: Masks- So Eun Park --> Watch

We, as members of one group or another, all have to deal with different ‘masks'. Some are given and some are chosen. Everyone makes different decisions when dealing with their masks: because it’s all up to you. This is a story about different people and the masks that they are wearing.

Naomi is a big sister who takes care of her two younger siblings; Lily and Ryan. She is also the head of the study group in her faculty. It is a lot of responsibility to deal with everything, but Naomi always does it. After a tiring spring semester, Naomi was lying on her bed wondering how her life is going to be and whether this is really… herself. Suddenly there is a phone call - from her distant past

March 2017: The Picture of Dorian Gray- Adaption by Florian Töpfer --> Watch

Is that was beauty does, pushing everyone over the edge? Is it death that gives life meaning?

In a contemporary adaption of Oscar Wilde's only novel 'the Picture of Dorian Gray' we follow a young model on her dangerous path to answering these questions. As she retains her stunning youth and beauty, the advancing years of sin and moral corruption appear on her photo portrait...

May 2016: Wild Youth- Roman Weber  --> Watch 

We all know and make fun of the phrase “home is where the heart is”, nevertheless, it is true if we associate the heart with people that care for us and we for them. In ever changing countries, we may meet people we like, who all get a piece of your heart and eventually you will never see them again. Your heart becomes bigger, needs more space for all the people you meet, yet splits every time we lose one another. Our homes become multiplied, spread into each corner of the world, but we do not truly feel home, safe, ourselves. There is an ever so slightly growing emptiness in ourselves. We become homesick to a world that does not exist anymore and we, the “International Youth” try to fill this youth with being “Wild”.

June 2015: An Ideal Husband- Oscar Wilde

Our adaptation of the comedy plays out in a contemporary setting with a present-day topic. However, it mostly sticks to the original language, which enables us to see the ironical contrasts and how life has changed over the last century, yet human nature and relationships still have to deal with the same issues. Characters, like the "other woman", the "virtuous wife", or "the husband with a secret past", all have to leave their comfort zones. In this light comedy of blackmail and corruption, they have to find true to themselves and living up to the expectations of society. 


The workshops will be starting again in September, after the recruitment period is over. 

The idea this year is to have a workshop every week to work on the different aspects of acting: voice, movement, improvisation...  While improving the acting skills is important, our main focus is for everyone to have fun and enjoy the workshops. 

There are no "teachers": following the theme of a student association, our workshop leaders are students just like you who have experience and something to teach. 

So join us for our first workshop of the year (date will be announced) and try out if this is for you.


Two of our four plays have originated from this group! There is a group of members that write plays, sketches, articles for our website... Our actors later use them in workshops or in actual performances. We as WILDe provide a platform where to showcase their writing, while they provide us with content for our performances and collaborations.

They are amateurs, students who are lovers of the written language, who get a chance to prove themselves. Join them and become the next EUR Shakespeare!